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Legs in Jeans

Huduma za Vijana

Youth who are participating in a restorative process have the opportunity to join us for a  workshop of their choosing. However, any youth age 12-21 may participate in a workshop even if they are not working with us in an ongoing way.  See offerings below or download a PDF list of our workshops here.

Are you interested in participating in just a workshop with us? Click here.

Workshop Offerings

Advocating for Change

What was the last injustice that got you fired up? Let’s use that feeling to advocate for the change we want to see. We’ll learn the five steps to advocating for change, consider the change-making strategies and tools you are most drawn to, and begin planning your first steps to creating social change.  

Anger into Action 

How do you go about seeking justice that reflects your values and doesn't create more harm? You’ll explore how your anger is sending important messages about the things that matter to you, things that are wrong and the things in need of fixing.

Conflict Resolution 

How do we get excellent about being in conflict, which is a healthy and natural part of being human? In our conflict workshops, we’ll define “conflict,” identify its stages and triggers, explore the role of emotions in conflict, and set goals for dealing with conflict in positive ways (or develop skills to approach conflict in a way that promotes respect and mutual understanding.)

Decision Making 

What makes some decisions harder than others? In this workshop, we'll chat about what informs decision making and learn about ways to get unstuck when we don’t feel in control of our decisions.

Explorations through Film

From major motion picture films, to small-budget documentaries, participants will engage in the art, craft, and power of filmmaking through participation in a film screening and discussion. Using both American and international films, we will explore some of the social, artistic, and political revolutions that rocked the world back then and continue to give shape and meaning to our lives today.

Healthy Relationships 

In these workshops, we’ll discuss what consent looks like, where messages about sex and relationships come from, how we can share power in our dating relationships, and more.

*For dating and sexual violence referrals only


Job Skills

In our job skills workshops, we’ll help you build your resume, turn your experiences and passions into interview talking points, and help you craft a job search plan.

Moving through Stress 

In our coping skills workshops, we’ll take a look at how to identify feelings in the body, different relaxation and mindfulness techniques, ways to use movement to center ourselves, and ideas to distract ourselves when all else fails.

Restorative Skills

Restorative Justice views accountability as a radical and intentional way to choose to stay in relationship with each other. Taking accountability is hard, and it's a skill that needs to be practiced. In this workshop, we'll explore the ways we experience conflict, and we'll practice working through harm in preparation for some of the bold conversations ahead.

Save Driving (youth under 18) 

The people in our lives heavily influence the choices we make. Most of the time, our choice to opt in or out of something our friends are doing or have asked us to do is more complicated than simply saying yes or no. In this workshop, we’ll discuss the characteristics we look for when pursuing friendships, how to set boundaries with our friends, and how to stay true to ourselves in our relationships. 

Trusting Your Gut

This workshop allows participants to engage in exercises that illustrate the financial, personal and emotional impact of unsafe driving on the driver, their family, and on others who have been harmed by or lost a loved one during a crash. Through activities, discussion and participation the workshop reinforces the accountability of the individual while also exploring avenues for gratitude and to make amends to those impacted.

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